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  • Curio Cosmétique

    Curio Cosmétique

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The Curio Cosmetics range

Thought, formulated, developed and manufactured in France, the Curio Cosmétique range is the result of a scientific reflection for a thoughtful, alternative and effective use of beauty care.

CURIO is the culmination of a technological, ecological and ethical approach on a will to promote a natural consumption of cosmetics.

Healthy, responsible, more natural in the development and formulation by limiting the use of water. The values of Curio Cosmétique are based both on traditional knowledge benefiting from advances in science, and respect for people and the planet.

From the French Landes, to the borders of Central Asia, from Africa to Middle Eastern species, the Curio spirit foments and innovates to offer human cells the essential elements for a real rejuvenation. Sirtuines, telometers and progerines are mastered and integrated at the really useful level, in order to guarantee a real good aging.

Natural & healthy cosmetics

Focusing on natural, organic, bio-fermented ingredients, excluding petrochemical products and all polluting ingredients; Curio Cosmétique makes sure not to disturb physiological functions and contributes to the balance of the planet by excluding the use of products from the animal world, such as animal testing.

Smart, committed & reasonable cosmetics

CURIO Cosmetic meets the basic needs of skin cells, such as cleansing, moisturizing, protecting ... for good epidermal health.

Curio Cosmetics does not make false promises to mislead consumers. The ancestral know-how (fermentation) is used in an ethical respect.

Curio uses natural alternatives that are beneficial for our cells, body and beauty as well as for the mind.

Our formulas do not contain synthetic, petroleum or controversial materials such as endocrine disruptors and preservatives.

Our formulas are very rich in versatile assets to avoid overconsumption.

CURIO Cosmetics products are manufactured in France according to the European cosmetic regulation (GMP Iso 22716) with raw materials of very high quality. Using Bio-fermentation, a limited use of water, no preservatives, no endocrine disruptors, excluding silicones, products from the petroleum industry and those derived from animals.

Innovative formulas for an embellishment day after day.

We select active fractions of plants, such as Bio-fermentation, to obtain ingredients that can maintain and improve skin health.

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Curio Laboratories

Located in Beauvais, in the Oise, we are above all creators of formulas. Experts for more than 10 years, our teams use their knowledge for the benefit of well-being. Our scientific committee brings together great researchers, dermatologists and doctors ... to guarantee the sincerity of our efforts.

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